Our Mission


Anjali English School, is a co-educational english medium school affiliated to the GSEB, established in 2014 by Anjali Education Trust, it is a dynamic learning community that collaboratively endeavours to impart holistic education to the students, ensuring they develop broad range of multifarious skills to enable them to develop responsibility and adapt to the changing environment. It provides a unique blend of scientific temper and technological spirit deeply connected with profound spiritual, moral and cultural foundation. Our teachers are committed to impart quality and comprehensive education to the learners. 


'Light to Enlighten’


We strive to ensure all round development in students by inculcating a quest for knowledge, skill, competence and an open-minded outlook to confront the challenges in life. We endeavour to nurture self- assured and responsible future generations, adaptive to the dynamic society and committed to the augmentation of a better world.


Our mission is to enable the students to reach their full potential as lifelong learners through the provision of:

Cohesive learning programmes that provide an educational experience where high academic standards are coupled with opportunities for students to excel in leadership, sports and performing arts.

Inclusive learning environment, wherein students develop core values of empathy, integrity, tolerance, ethical behaviour and global consciousness.

Providing professional development programmes to promote effectiveness of the teachers in transaction of the curriculum as a personalised learning experience so as to inspire and inculcate the skill of reasoning, independent thinking, critical analysis and decision making.

Collaborative and comprehensive efforts of the school, family and the community to empower the young minds for a harmonious, sustainable and progressive world.

Core values

Integrity: We believe in creating a culture of integrity, where we build strong characters and to help them act ethically and consistently.

Acceptance: Our mission is to confront ignorance with knowledge, prejudice with informed approval and resentment with empathy.

Global consciousness: We cultivate universal awareness among our students to have a greater understanding and appreciation of other languages, cultures, history, customs, and religions.

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